Everything You Need To Know About Your Cat Care Visit



We will coordinate an orientation meeting before visits begin ~ this entails going over your cats routines at their own home and allows your cats some time to be comfortable with their new visitor.

Plan on approximately 1 hour, depending on how much we chat about your cats 

care and info. 

Key Pickup for Visits - Please have keys (2 sets) ready at the time of your orientation at your own home.  

Time Allotted


Daily Visit Starts at $20

I do one visit per day and my base visiting time is an approximately a 1/2 hour of visiting time. These base rates include round trip travel to & from your cats visits in my centralized cat care visiting area. Rates may be higher if travel is not in my centralized service area or if on the outskirts of cat visiting area, etc. there may be an increase in the visit charge. I will give you a quote when we meet or once I know your locality and needs.

Cats must stay indoors while I am caring for them, unless they have a secure cat yard enclosure or are already outdoor only/barn cats.

Additional Charges:

 $7/additional 15 min. increments over 1/2 hour of visiting time ~ ex: multiple cats, special needs, any other factors often ‘to be determined’ visit to visit as visits happen. $20 - $30 /hr (minimum of $20) for transportation to and from cats appointments and time it takes at the appointments or to do errands for them (I aim to be fair to you and to myself}.

Feedings / Visits


I will visit your home once a day to feed and care for your cats. I do not care for dogs at this time, but can refer you to someone who does if needed. 

In addition to feeding your cats, I will give them fresh water, clean their bowls and feeding area, clean out the kitty litter, brush them and of course, play with them. I will customize your cats visits depending on their needs and their individual personalities. 

 Cats must stay indoors while I am caring for them, unless they have a secure cat yard enclosure or are already outdoor only/barn cats. 

Holidays and Vacations


Regular Visit Price Plus Additional $5
Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Dec 24th, Dec 25th, Dec 31st and Jan 1st. 


I take a personal vacation at the end of March and or at the end of September.

Weather / Snow Days


"Every mile is two in winter" ~George Herbert A factor I greatly consider during the months of Dec - April is that you have arranged for reliable snow clearing if you'll be gone away for more than just a long day. I will need the name and contact info of who is hired to do your snow clearing if I am hired to do visits while you are gone away on vacation or a get away. I won't just hope we don't get a lot of snow while you're gone while I am responsible to provide care for your cats or critters at your home in your absence. I need to be able to safely park my car off from the road since town & city plows would be out working, & also making big snow piles at the end of driveways. I need to have safe access to your home in order to not compromise your cats care. I am always surprised by how many times over the years people say they never thought of preparing for reliable snow removal if they are going to be going away.(And having the kid next door or whatever neighbor shovel if we get a lot of snow, has mostly been proven to not be reliable.) Also, if we were to get a lot of snow, you will also be able to get into your driveway when you return if you have reliable snow clearing already arranged for. 

Special Needs Cats


When your pet needs special attention and medication it can add to your apprehension of leaving them in someone else's care. I not only have a lot of training through organizations like the American Red Cross Pets, I also have over 18 years of caring for cats and dogs that have needed medical care, special dietary needs and love.   



I have a special room set up in my home for boarding cats. This is a case by case service, so please call or message me to discuss your needs. 

... And More


I also care for smaller critters like bunnies, small caged animals (hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.) and chickens. 

Service Areas



Berwick, South Berwick, North Berwick.

New Hampshire:

Somersworth, Rollinsford,and the areas of Rochester & Dover that are more towards the rest of my Visiting area. 



I accept checks, cash, Paypal and Venmo. We can discuss a payment arrangement during orientation.   



I realize that people are entrusting their pets as well as their home to me, hiring me as their pet visitor, and therefore take my services very seriously, being a homeowner and Pet Mom myself.

Bonnie's Cat Care Visits & more is an LLC (Limited Liability Company) registered with the State of Maine, and is also a Member & Insured through 

Pet Sitters Associates (PSA) LLC. 

You can find the PSA insurance website at www.petsitllc.com for more information.

I also have PSA's Special Personal Property of Others endorsement, which is broader than most bonds. Bonds are usually for pet sitters that have employees, to cover potential dishonest acts. I have no employees, as I want to stay small and individually personalized with my clients. But the special endorsements also provides for customers' property in my care, custody or control.