Education * Training * Seminars

I have volunteered for local rescue groups doing a variety of things to help animals by ~ fostering litters of kittens with their moms, pregnant cats, cats who need to be socialized before being adopted, cats who need to recuperate from surgeries, and dogs that have had special health issues; walking dogs; working at events; visited nursing homes with dogs and kittens; always advocating for pets and animals in any way I personally can; promoting spaying and neutering; and so on.…

Since 2000 I've been an active cat foster home for several rescue groups/shelters. Since 2009 I've also been an active cat rescuer, have done a lot of TrapNeuterReturn (TNR) for feral cats, & have advocated for & helped with community cat spay/neuter programs.  

Some of the educational experiences I have enjoyed are:


2005 - Dog Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas at All Dogs Gym - Manchester, NH

2006 - Taking the Bite out of Aggression lecture by Myrna Milani at NHSPCA

2006 - American Humane Association Animal Emergency Services Volunteer Training Program at NHSPCA

2006 - Changing People; Changing Dogs by Dee Gangley at NHSPCA

2008 - Great Pets Audience by Brian Kilcommons at NHSPCA

2011 - Best Friends Animal Society's 4 day Educational Sanctuary Visit in Kanab, UT 

2011 - 3 day "No More Homeless Pets" Conference in Las Vegas, NV

Working Dog Foundation First Aid Seminar 

I update myself regularly through the American Red Cross Pet First Aid Courses

I have gone to many seminars  by animal communicators, as well as on nutrition, care and welfare for animals. 

I have also been enrolled in some dog behavior classes:

Chris Fraize of Canine Solutions in Acton ME 

Terence Kirby of My Dogs Mind in Hampton NH 

Sue Carney Behaviorist formerly at NHSPCA 

Linda DesMarais Agility & Clicker Training

Nancy Fantom SaddlebackPetServices Northwood NH